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Meet Nancy Moustafa

Nancy Moustafa

Name: Nancy Moustafa

From: I'm officially from Egypt* and grew up all over the word. I've been pretty consistently in the DC area since 1999.

Neighborhood: Fairfax City, VA

*fun fact: Nancy and Laura went to high school together in Cairo. Small world!


Q: Do you consider yourself booze-free?

A: Heck yes and it's totally the best!

Q: How long have you been off the sauce? What does this lifestyle mean to you?

A: I decided to go booze free in order to fully observe my faith. This lifestyle makes me feel rebellious at a time where drinking for in occasions is normalized and promoted. I like being more thoughtful about what I do with me spare time. Plus, no hangovers! Those are only funny in movies, ha!

Q: How has COVID-19 affected you (and your business, if applicable) and the way you relate to DC?

A: It's been tough! Most of the entertaining I'm used to enjoying is in DC and the venues, like the Kennedy Center, have been closed for months.

Q: What do you love most about DC?

A: I love the culture! Art, theater, music, ethnic foods from around the world, hearing so many different languages on a normal outing.



Top 3 restaurants in DC (takeout/delivery/outdoor seating)

Into sweets? If so, fave ice/cream gelato shop?

I love Korean bakeries like Shilla Bakery and Breeze. Shilla serves the best Korean shaved ice (bing-soo) and Breeze has a dessert called "yogurt" with fruit and frozen yogurt. Both are so satisfying on a hot DC day!



Loud'n Roasted

Top three places to get zero-proof cocktails (takeout/delivery/outdoor seating) I don't normally go for zero-proof cocktails. If I want to treat myself, I get an avocado bubble tea from Pho Thang Long in Fairfax.

Any favorite #madeinDC beverage brands?

My cousin's coffee roasting business, Loud'n Roasted, has a location in Chantilly and they have a Nutella nitro cold brew that is to die for. They also ship and deliver freshly ground coffee anywhere in the States.

Fave coffee and/or tea shops

Fave juice/smoothie spots?

Playa Bowl in Mosaic has great smoothies and acai bowls.



Fave music venue (pre-COVID-19) The Kennedy Center. I believe they have some streaming concerts but I'm just holding off until things open again.

Best booze-free date idea (challenge: best booze-free socially-distanced date idea!) Take a boat ride from Old Town Alexandria or Georgetown. It's fun, the scenery is lovely, and it's not a totally enclosed space so I feel that's safer than sitting in a restaurant.

Top museum or art gallery pick Definitely the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

I never get tired of their exhibits. Plus, you can see butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion!

Fave #madeinDC small biz/brand Booze Free in DC!

[Editor's note: awwwww!]

Most quintessential DC pastime

I take anyone that visits me to The Exorcist steps in Georgetown!



Great Falls Park

Fave nature spot in the DC area Great Falls Park! People don't think we have waterfalls in the DMV, but we have them and they can be accessed from Virginia and Maryland.

Fave nature getaway within 2 hours of DC Shenandoah National Park it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm dying to visit Luray Caverns.

Fave fitness option

(Are you doing any virtual/online fitness options right now?) Ok, so working out isn't really my thing, but a brisk walk around Georgetown waterfront is always nice.

Fave wellness/woo/substance-free community or thing to do Ah! Trying to get better about doing things like this! I'm dying to check out one of the weekly drum circles held in DC!



What are the causes that matter most to you in the DC area? How can others help?

Domestic Violence. I used to volunteer with FAITH Social Services as a domestic violence case worker. They do an amazing job and could use monetary donations in order to help their clients.

What is the one thing you hope this strange time in history will do for DC -- and for humanity?

I hope people spending more time with their families will result in reconnection between family members. We lose so much time commuting to and from school and work (DMV traffic is the worst!), it really has an effect on family relations. I know people joke about becoming sick and tired of being with their family all day but, all jokes aside, I think it's bringing us closer together. Community starts at home.

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