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Hi, I'm Laura.

Booze Free in DC is what I hope will be a revolutionary new way of looking at travel and exploration -- even from the comforts of home.

Refreshing Drinks

My vision is to combine my love of traveling to new places with my passion for sobriety and wellness.  I got sober 13 years ago and things -internally and externally - looked a lot different then. When I pick up a guidebook to a new place and see all things booze -- craft beer, wineries, cocktail bars, distilleries, etc. -- that can feel really alienating.


If I feel that way, I know others do too. That's why I've created a digital hub -- and soon, a true guide book - for the Washington, D.C. area, my adopted hometown, where travelers and locals alike can have a collective place to discover all that the DMV has to offer from a booze-free lens: food, beverages, things to do, ways to renew the soul.

With COVID-19, we have to think creatively and outside of the box when it comes to exploration

And while the holidays make look completely different from years past, there are still ways to support local businesses and show love to ourselves and our loved ones. Browse through our inaugural Booze Free in DC Holiday Gift Guide.

So here's to being booze free.

... in DC.

Laura Silverman