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Laura Silverman, @bespokeagencydc

Hi, I'm Laura.

Booze Free in DC is what I hope will be a revolutionary new way of looking at travel and exploration --  intentionally, mindfully, and with a focus on non-alcoholic beverages.

📸 Andrew J. Williams III, @bespokeagencyDC

Refreshing Juices

My vision is to combine my love of traveling to new places with my passion for sobriety and wellness. I got sober 15 years ago and things - internally and externally - looked a lot different then. When I pick up a city guidebook and see all things booze -- craft breweries, wineries, cocktail bars, distilleries, etc. -- that can often feel alienating.


I know if I feel that way, others do too. That's why I've created a digital hub -- and soon, a true guide book - for the Washington, D.C. area, my adopted hometown, where travelers and locals alike can have a collective place to discover all that the DMV has to offer from a booze-free lens: food, beverages, things to do, ways to renew the soul.

So here's to being booze free... in DC.

Laura Silverman


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