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Meet Gigi Arandid

Gigi Arandid

Name: Vergie "Gigi" Arandid

From: I'm originally from the Philippines and migrated to the U.S. back in October of 2002

Neighborhood: Union Market, DC

Instagram: @bingeongigi

Business: Binge Bar


Q: Do you consider yourself booze-free?

A: Heck yes and it's totally the best!

Q: How long have you been off the sauce? What does this lifestyle mean to you?

A: Off the sauce! I love that. It has been a little over three years for me. My sobriety date is June 26, 2017 and it has truly transformed my viewpoint in life and made [me] fearless enough to venture into opening a booze free bar in our nation's capital. This lifestyle is a culmination of growth experiences glued by a support system that is enacted not just through family and friends, but also our OWN.

Q: How has COVID-19 affected you (and your business, if applicable) and the way you relate to DC?

A: Not applicable since Binge Bar is still under construction.

Q: What do you love most about DC?

A: The vibrant culture, the food and the people!



Del Mar (try one of their zero proof cocktails!)

Top 3 restaurants in DC

Del Mar

St. Anselm


Into sweets? If so, fave ice/cream gelato shop?

I'm easy -- Trader Joe's MOCHI Green Tea




Top three places to get zero-proof cocktails St. Anselm

Hill Prince (shoutout to Tony!)

[Editor's note: looks like Hill Prince closed due to COVID]

King Street Oyster Bar

Any favorite #madeinDC beverage brands?

I usually just concoct my own.

[Editor's note: we can't wait to try!]

Fave coffee and/or tea shops

Blue Bottle


Fave juice/smoothie spots?

Toastique South Block



Cadence Candle Co. - #madeindc

Fave music venue Do church and worship concerts count? If so, Capital One Arena!

Best booze-free date idea Outdoor sunset yoga/meditation, enjoy BINGE juice after at Constitution Gardens near the pond.

Top museum or art gallery pick Hirshhorn Museum, Renwick Gallery and The Glenstone Museum and I haven't been...

Fave #madeinDC small biz/brand Cadence Candle Co. and The Outrage are my current faves!

Most quintessential DC pastime

Running around The Mall!



Shenandoah National Park

Fave nature spot in the DC area The Arboretum

Fave nature getaway within 2 hours of DC Shenandoah National Park hands down!

Fave fitness option and corresponding place to go?

Are you doing any virtual/online fitness options right now? My home studio was Hot Yoga Capitol Hill.

I'm currently taking Solidcore classes and I love it!

As far as virtual class is concerned, Tabufit is an ultimate favorite!

Fave wellness/woo/substance-free community or thing to do I received my first acupuncture treatment this week. Life changing!!!



What are the causes that matter most to you in the DC area? How can others help?

Mental health awareness, the homeless community and the Black Lives Matter movement. We can help by being more compassionate. By continuing to have open dialogue and normalize conversations and harsh truths about what we're currently facing here in DC. It starts at home and we have an obligation to as District citizens to use our platform, no matter how big or small the audience is to make an impact collectively.

What is the one thing you hope this strange time in history will do for DC -- and for humanity?

To allow ourselves to really practice being both human and kind in all aspects of life.

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