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    Meet Timur Tugberk

    Timur Tugberk

    Name: Timur Tugberk

    From: DC (on and off my entire life)

    Neighborhood: Meridian Hill, DC

    Instagram: @timurDC

    Website: Designing the District

    Q: What does being booze-free mean to you?

    A: 11 months -- my actual answer is quite long, as I tend to be more of a story-teller than a user of short words like adjective. Since I finally listened to myself, my body, to remove all things that do not bring me joy, and inhibit me reaching my full potential, I feel more grounded, more clear minded, more sincere...seriously, I am a daydreamer, don't get me wrong, but I feel truly down to earth, all while continuing to grow my perspective higher, greater, and better.

    Q: What do you love most about DC?

    A: I love how purposeful our culture, landscape, and personality as a city is.

    E A T

    Le Diplomate

    Top 3 restaurants in DC

    Le Diplomate Maydan


    Fave ice cream/gelato

    Love sweets, dairy was also removed, I'd favor Menchies if I had to pick.

    Fave DC-area food bloggers I represent much of the local areas blogger/influencer talent ... I cannot pick favorites!

    D R I N K

    Maketto - Cafe, Restaurant, Retail

    Top three places to get zero-proof cocktails 12 Stories The Gibson Service Bar

    Fave coffee and/or tea shops

    Obsessed with La Colombe, love Dolcezza, Maketto is MOOD, I could go on!

    Fave juice/smoothie spots?

    I live at Barry's Bootcamp (for fitness and the shakes)

    P L A Y

    The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

    Fave music venue The Anthem

    U Street Music Hall Kennedy Center

    Best booze-free date idea I love to go on undiscovered adventures (either for one or both of us). I find we live in a city of untapped entertainment, and fun. Being a local, my favorite date is to venture into non-standard neighborhoods, take my partner in crime to a spot that speaks to something I know they love, open their eyes to the insane cool factor of the DMV, and talk about EVERYTHING!

    Top museum or art gallery pick Hirshhorn baby! But also all things art, I'm an artist!

    Most quintessential DC pastime


    R E N E W

    Old Rag Mountain

    Fave nature spot in the DC area Old Rag Mountain, Great Falls Park

    Fave nature getaway within 2 hours of DC Oh, I guess Skyline Drive; VA wine country; Lost River, WV

    Fave fitness option I am super into fitness, religious Barry's athlete, known to be a Flywheel athlete too!

    Fave wellness/woo/substance-free community or thing to do You can always find me at hip openings, trendy dive and drink establishments, fashion and art events, VIP everything, or just literally chilling at my house (or yours!). I don't find lack of greater entertainment when surrounded by those who aren't substance-free -- that can also be kind of entertaining...especially to observe!