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The ABCs of Mindful Drinking

By now, you’ve probably noticed Washington, D.C. is becoming a more inclusive hospitality hotspot.

Photo courtesy of Derek Brown

Our town’s first-ever booze-free bar, Binge Bar, recently opened. Umbrella Dry Drinks, Alexandria’s non-alcoholic bottle shop, just celebrated its one-year anniversary. And now we’re coming off the heels of another successful Mindful Drinking Fest in D.C.

So, what is mindful drinking, you ask? It’s essentially the practice of being aware of why and how much alcohol one drinks. While it’s related to sober curiosity, it’s not the same thing. Mindful drinkers may still drink alcohol, but they usually drink much less and switch off with nonalcoholic beverages.

While everyone’s individual situation has nuance, here are the three basic steps of becoming a mindful drinker.

Three Steps to Becoming a Mindful Drinker

1. Change your mindset. Start asking yourself questions like: Why and how much am I drinking? Do I need to drink to have fun? Is alcohol still serving me? Am I drinking responsibly? What do I like about drinking? Is it the taste and the ritual, or the effect it has on me?

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Dec 28, 2023

This venue transformed into an executive oasis for our business discussions. The lush surroundings and carefully curated spaces provided a tranquil backdrop for focused conversations. The venue's commitment to creating an oasis for executive gatherings was evident in every aspect of our experience.

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