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Sat, Mar 21


Location is TBD


Daybreaker GLOBAL presents... 🎉LAUNCH: DAYBREAKER LIVE 🎉 💃Daybreaker LIVE 📹 is a global pajama onesie dance-party experience broadcasting to you online, this Saturday at 11AM EST.

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Time & Location

Mar 21, 2020, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

Location is TBD

About the event

Invite 10 friends (virtually) and become a Daybreaker superhero. 🦸‍♀️

Daybreaker family, we’re writing to you now from the heart of our secret lair. 🤫 For safety reasons, we can’t disclose our exact location—but know that it’s underground, with massive amounts of confetti 🎉, endless glitter and lots of mischievous elves dressed in panda 🐼 onesies. All of us—from our experience-designers to our comedy writers, global MC’s, singer-songwriters and sonic curators—are putting our thinking hats on, dreaming up 💭✨ the most epic way to bring the light back into our homes right now. 💖

So take a deep breath, give your body a little wake-up shake, and don’t miss a single word below, as we’re about to go on one of our wildest rides yet. 🚀 You see, nothing like this has ever been done before—but to that we say: challenge. accepted. 💪⚡️ Because for the first time in our 7-year history, you’re invited to plug in and get wild for the official LAUNCH of 💃Daybreaker LIVE 📹, a global pajama onesie dance-party experience broadcasting to you online, this Saturday at 11AM EST.

Standing at this crossroads, we have the choice to open our hearts and learn how to dance in the rain ☔️🌈, or close our minds and give in. And what we need to do right now, Daybreaker family, is be a beacon 💡of love and joy for our community around the globe.

👏Cue the FIRST EVER massive virtual dance party. 👏 AKA 120 minutes of laugh-out-loud, euphoric community playtime. Think meditation, empowering yoga 🧘‍♀️ flows, dancing costumed 🦖 dinosaurs, finger puppet sideshows, electrifying spoken word from our MC Elliott LaRue, I’ll be leading a guided chakra-opening, 🎤sing-alongs and epic wow moments. Plus lots and lots of dancing right. in. your. living. room. 🏘 Oh, and did we mention community breakfast 🍳 time afterwards where we all sit together and eat as we raffle off some epic yummies that we wish were still in grocery stores? #dance&dine

But friends, we can’t do it without you. Because truthfully, without being able to gather, irl, we are thinking outside the box just to keep this movement alive. 🙏 500,000+ people in 28 cities around the globe will need a safe haven to wake up and dance once this is all over, and we need your support to be there on the other side. 🙌

Daybreaker family—it’s finally time for all of us to meet and step up to the plate. Besides unlocking this epic experience, your $15 ticket is your chance to spark 💥up hope during these wild times. Just think… 🤔 What if we had 100 cities dancing together on Saturday? 🌎🌏🌍 What if THOUSANDS of people woke up to unite and let go? #GOOSEBUMPS

So instead of calling it 🙅‍♀️“social distancing,”🙅‍♂️ let’s use this time of introspection to dive deep into our personal play spaces, exploring our curious imaginations. Instead of idling with endless scrolling, let’s flex our cheek muscles 🙃and D.O.S.E. our brains 🧠 with the happy chemicals they crave to think BIG. Instead of gluing ourselves to our couches, let’s stand up, blast our favorite tracks, and let a little wild out with a full-throttle, kitchen discoteque 🌐 to breathe life back into our hearts.

On Saturday, we’re going to be dancing for all of humanity, and it requires support from each and every one of us. 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️Right now, we have spots for somewhere between 500 and 5,000 people to join—but we can’t guarantee how many tickets will stay open.💫

We can take this above and beyond, but it’s all up to ✨YOU✨ and how you show up for the very first one. So (virtually) invite 10 friends—your BFFs, your fam-bam, and anyone who’s ever wondered what you were up to at 6AM—to join this secret mission. It takes a village 🌇to keep a movement going, and your support has never been more important. 🎈As our Daybreaker community member Greta James-Maxfield wrote so elegantly, “I’ll boogie in a swank bathrobe 👘 from home and share community, communication sans the communicable.”

So grab your spot, and we’ll be sending a mischievous “packing list” from your kitchen 🥄 and sock 🧦 drawer for our first EVER LiveStream. #justwait This is our chance to save the world, Daybreaker fam, one glittery spirit at a time. Let’s show each other that nothing can keep us apart.

See you on the virtual dancefloor. 💻💃

P.S. Experiencing financial hardship? Please fill out this survey, and we will be in touch. 💛

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