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Do the Booze-Free Hustle at Disco Mary

With concoctions this immaculate, you won't miss the alcohol.

Maria Bastach behind Disco Mary bar.
Disco Mary. Photo by Jennifer Chase Photography.

You’ll be partying like there is a tomorrow at Columbia Room’s latest pop-up, Disco Mary, because all the apothecary-style alcohol-free cocktails are meant to be sipped as is (although adding booze is optional, and neither choice is frowned upon by bar staff). Before you even saddle up to the bar on the patio or take a cozy seat inside the newly revamped library to enjoy vegan eats by Chef Elena Venegas, you’ll be greeted by a mirrored Virgin Mary, meticulously crafted by multimedia artist Lina Shamoon. Yes, a disco ball Virgin Mary is totally the vibe that will follow you throughout your evening. Welcome to an expanded definition of nightlife. And we love it.

The visionary behind Disco Mary is Maria Bastach of Maydan and Compass Rose fame.

Bastach and Derek Brown, owner of Columbia Room, are not just business partners — they’re life ones as well. Brown has been vocal about becoming a mindful/rare drinker of alcohol over the years so it only makes sense that a pop-up devoted to all things booze-free would find its way to the mecca of D.C.’s zero proof innovation.

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11 dic 2023

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